Hi, my name is Richard. Welcome to our website. Hopefully you are finding it informative, if there is anything you would like to ask me please do. You can reach me using richard@bridportwebsites.co.uk.

This page talks a lot more about the services we provide, some examples and a bit of background. Happy browsing.

Our Web Services

Let's explore in more detail our full stack web solutions offering:


Starting with design, we love to get creative turning out logos, colour schemes, patterns and fully-fledged 2D website illustrations. Our developers are designers so everything we design is optimised for web from the get go.

Working with our client Airbus Endeavr Wales, we recently transformed their brand into web-first design ready for the website re-build.

Design also encompasses strategy design. Websites need aims in life to reach their full potential and the starting block is a solid strategy formed out of knowledge, experience, research and creativity. The design stage is always our first port of call before delving into development or content creation.

Copywriting & Content

Copywriting is actually the reason Bridport Websites came into being. I (Richard) was frustrated developing websites for other companies that focussed exclusively on design and development completely neglecting the copy and content. The result was lots of lovely web pages filled with Lorum Ipsum but more problematic than that, the pages were designed around content that wasn't there. Good design works with content to present it in the best way.

So, with that in mind, the copy and content for any website is fundamental. It seems to make perfectly logical sense to start with what you want to say and then worry about how to deliver it to the world via a website.

We integrate the copywriting and content creation process into the design and development of a website from the start. We can actually do the copywriting and content creation or we can support you in creating content suitable for the web whilst not stifling your core message.

Imagery & Illustrations

Similarly to copywriting, the imagery and illustrations go hand in hand with copy and therefore the design and development. We have access to many thousands of fabulous quality images to bring sites to life and we are also able to call upon a network of photographers and illustrators to create the images we need.

We recently commissioned a beautiful painting for Maenporth Estate by illustrator Danni Afflek but also create graphics and illustrations in house to bring designs to life.

This is one of my favourites created using Adobe Illustrator and served online in an SVG format. This illustration was also blown up and printed onto the side of a van!


I find developing websites genuinely really exciting. All the design and content finally comes to life on screen and we get to develop elements of UX, things that pop up, fade in or wiggle.

We have some fundamentals that we develop into every website. We call these the Essential Features of Website Design and Development and they can be found on our design and development page. They include developing to widely recognised standards so the code is easily transferable. It also includes developing websites in a way that are accessible to visually impaired users and friendly towards search engines.

Our development philosphy is one of openess. We often use open source frameworks and try our best to contribute to them. We also make the code we write open to you and invite clients to get involved with coding, if you'd like to. With even just a little basic knowledge, clients seem to really like being able to have some input into this otherwise mysterious and inaccessible world of programming.

Hosting & Support

Pick up the phone or send us an email, we're here to help. We really pride ourselves on always trying to respond to a request or query asap. If you need help, you will get it.

Our hosting services aren't bog standard data storage, they are services provided by real people. We take care of things like domain key indentified mail so your websites emails don't end up in spam. We take care of renewing your SSL certificates in advance, we take care of backing up the site for that awkward moment when you accidentally delete the home page and go into full 'don't panic' mode.

You can definitely find hosting cheaper elsewhere and we're pleased to develop websites you chose to host anywhere you please but we offer good quality hosting, proactive management and support when you need it. Find out more on our hosting & support page.

Online Marketing

The final piece of the jigsaw is online marketing - taking your fabulous new website to market, finding customers, winning business and delivering a return on investment. We offer four main types of online marketing to our customers: SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Digital PR. Each has their use case and we can advise on which would work best for your online business, why and in what way.

Often online marketing campaigns require little tweaks to the website or maybe the addition of a landing page or two, this is where we really shine. Being the company that built the site and is now delivering the marketing campaign too we can make the necessary changes to either very quickly and at a fraction of the cost ensuring great value to you and the ability to adapt marketing fast for best results.

Living & Working in Bridport

As our imaginative name suggests, we build websites in Bridport. I (Richard) also live in Bridport and so do several of my colleagues. I am an active member of the community supporting both the Bridport Musical Theatre Company and the Bridport Gig Rowing Club and enjoy the benefits of working and living in this great town.

If you have design, content or development skills we'd love to hear from you. Send your cv to hello@bridportwebsites.co.uk.

OS map showing a close up of Bridport's town center and the A3066 main road.
If you have any questions we'd love to hear from you