SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

'Google Search' is the main way websites are discovered. Other search engines also take market share such as Bing and Yahoo. In China Baidu is the market-leader.

Put simply, Search Engine Optimisation is the art of getting your website to a) appear in search results at all and b) appear at the top of that search result.

SEO is an ongoing process and does require investment to get results, however, once established, a website well optimised for search can bring traffic, leads and sales in all year round delivering a good return on investment.

We can help by formulating an SEO strategy, implementing it, measuring results, tweaking, measuring again and ensuring that ROI is achieved.

We are a web-development agency so can build an SEO strategy into your website from the beginning making it more cost effective to have one.

Please do contact us if you would like to discuss SEO.

SEO Case Study

Extremely effective website delivering a regular number of visitors per day completely organically. The service is well-defined and the site is optimised better than local competitors resulting in high rank position for a variety of local towns included in the search term.

Pay Per Click Advertising

There are various kinds of Pay Per Click Advertising but the most common is promoted search results. This places your advert at the top of the search engine results page above normal search results. It is a very effective way to advertise to users who have submitted a search term relevant to your business, products or services and a great deal of optimisation can be done to increase return on investment. We provide strategies for using PPC advertising as well as campaign setup and management.

Other forms of PPC advertising include display ads on the content network and social media paid promotions. Theses work differently to promoted search results in that they target groups of people who have expressed an interest in things relevant to your business, products or services. This kind of advertising suits certain businesses better than others and we can help you work out whether display and social media paid promotions could help you. We provide strategy, campaign setup and management services.

In addition to spending money on advertising, it is also possible to make money from it too. The traffic on your website is a valuable asset and one that you can advertise to effectively adding your website to the content network. We can advise on and implement advertising revenue strategies for your website.

Pay Per Click Case Study

Launched this holiday lettings agency with Google and Microsoft (Bing) promoted search. We focussed on terms relating to the estate's specific selling points: sea views, swimming pool and so on. Excellent results with many bookings achieved directly through the site reducing the commission paid to other lettings agentes such as

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and other more niche social media platforms can be used to market your website online both with paid promotions and content marketing through pages or groups.

There are so many ways to use social media platforms to your advantage, the trick is working out where to prioritise for best effect. We advise on, setup and manage social media marketing campaigns to promote client's websites and will be happy to discuss social media marketing strategies with you too.

Social Media Case Study

This ecommerce business near Bridport relies on customer reviews and inspirational content to drive purchases. We assisted the owner with creating effective Facebook and Instagram display adverts targeted at users with very specific interests. The success of the campaign is measured in garments sold.

Digital PR

Sometimes a good old fashioned press release is the best way to reach your audience. Online, there are so many opportunities to reach users via news and content websites as well as through influencers who have a loyal following.

What we call Digital PR, is the process of reaching out to these 'watering holes' where your audience can be found and pitching strong storylines so as to get featured and ultimately bring traffic to your website so the user can engage with your content, products or services.

This process is typically a collaboration between ourselves and you but we are able to create a strategy, implement it, manage it and measure results.

Digital PR Case Study

  • NextG-Com

NextG-Com were recently acquired by ARM (we built NextG-Com's website, not ARM's website) but in the lead up to the acquistion we were involved in digital PR for NextG-Com publishing press releases.

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