Our Website Design & Development Services

Your website will be a combination of creative design, great writing, attractive images and good quality code. We offer a full design and development service that handles every aspect of website creation.

However, if you already have a designer and are looking for someone to code your website we can help with that too. Here are some more details about the six main parts to building and running a website:


Designing a website is a fun process. It's quite creative and we can work together to bring your ideas to life.

We can also provide all the creative input, if needed, and will present you with some different options to choose from.

The design phase tends to happen using computer rendered website designs that look very much like the real thing but are a lot faster to make. This allows us to quickly create different ideas before committing the favourite to code.

If you already have some sketches or ideas please share them, they're a great place to start.

Copywriting & Content

The next step is to work out what you would like to say and how you might like to say it.

Writing for websites is a bit different. You want to write for the person reading it but also write with the search engines in mind too.

We offer our writing experience to help you get the best result for your marketing goals. We can either work together with you (or your copy-writer) or provide all the copywriting for you.

There are also some considerations to be made about the structure of your website's content and we will advise you on the best way to do this.

Imagery & Illustrations

Websites need pictures. Sometimes we use photographs, other times we might use illustrations or computer graphics.

Whatever you have in mind, we can help you source great imagery for your new website. Whether that's commissioning a photoshoot with a local photographer or finding the perfect stock photo we've got some great connections and can provide affordable solutions.

Icons are often a sought-after feature of websites too. We can provide access to large icon libraries or design custom icons to suit.


With the design, copy and images ready we can turn to developing (or coding) your website.

We use widely recognised development standards in HTML, CSS and Javascript to build your website. The website will also be mobile friendly so it resizes for little screens.

You'll have full access to the website's code, seeing as though you're paying for it, but we will of course take care of it for you.

We have some core features that we develop into every website. We call these the 'Essential Features of Website Design and Development' and more detail can be found lower down this page. They include developing to widely recognised standards so the code is easily transferable. It also includes developing your website in a way that is accessible to visually impaired users and friendly towards search engines.

Hosting & Support

Pick up the phone or send us an email, we're here to help. We really pride ourselves on always trying to respond to a request or query asap. If you need help, you will get it.

Our hosting services aren't bog standard data storage, they are services provided by real people. We take care of things like domain key indentified mail so your websites emails don't end up in spam. We take care of renewing your SSL certificates in advance, we take care of backing up the site for that awkward moment when you accidentally delete the home page and go into full 'don't panic' mode.

You can definitely find hosting cheaper elsewhere and we are very happy to develop your website on hosting you chose anywhere. However, we offer good quality hosting including proactive management and support when you need it. Find out more on the hosting & support page.

Online Marketing

The final piece of the jigsaw is online marketing - taking your fabulous new website to market, finding customers, winning business and delivering a return on investment.

We offer four main types of online marketing:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital PR

Each type has a use and we can advise on which would work best for your online business.

Often online marketing campaigns require little tweaks to the website or maybe the addition of a landing page or two, this is where we really shine. Being the company that built the site and is now delivering the marketing campaign too we can make the necessary changes to either very quickly and at a fraction of the cost ensuring great value to you and the ability to adapt marketing fast for good results.

Essential Features of our Website Design & Development Service

These essential website features are delivered as standard in all of our projects, big or small:

Mobile optimised fluid layout

  • Adaptive designs for all screen-sizes.
  • Landscape and portrait modes.
  • Touch gesture aware.

Web standards compliance

  • We use widely adopted standards for web development making it easy for other developers to contribute.

Page speed optimisations

  • Our websites are developed with a focus on page load speeds with an aim to deliver the best results possible for the content type.

Accessibility for visually impaired users

  • Semantic html tags.
  • Screen-reader compatible.
  • Alt tags for image descriptions.

Cookie compliance

  • Developed with privacy in mind.
  • Only necessary cookies used.
  • Where appropriate, implementation of suitable cookie notice with prior consent script blocking.

SEO fundamentals

  • Search console compatible sitemap.
  • Search friendly HTML markup.
  • Static and dynamic meta tags on all pages.

Content Management

  • You will have access to a content management system to make updates to your website such as adding or removing copy or uploading new images.

Social media sharing

  • Using the Open Graph Protocol we make sure your website is easily sharable on social media platforms and other community websites.

Easy to use Analytics

  • We install website analytics tools (optional) which respect user privacy but continue to provide usage data. They are really easy to use.

MODX - Your Content Management System

Content Management Systems provide an interface between you and your website so you can make changes, post blogs, add products and more.

Your CMS is a website publishing tool. It is easy to use for non-technical users.

We specialise in MODX. MODX is powerful, secure, fast and our customers love it.

MODX is also easy to customise which means we can give you bespoke functionality at a fraction of the cost of hiring expensive programmers.

MODX is open source and very well documented. It is supported by a community of developers here in the UK and across the world so you're in great company.

screenshot of the MODX Content Management System which we use here at Bridport websites to design and develop excellent websites.

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